Why Selling By Owner Can Be a Big NO-NO


In this #DIY-age, it is seems easy enough to do everything by yourself. Saving money is wonderful, and there are so many things today that we can do on our own after a Google search and a Youtube video. While sometimes doing it yourself may save you a few dollars, that is not usually the case when trying to sell your home. 

When looking at it from an outsider view point, For Sale By Owner (FSBO), may seem like a great option. When you think about your Realtor’s commission, you might think that it make sense to save yourself that money.  However, studies have shown that’s actually not true. In most cases, people who sell be owner typically end up losing more than the Realtor’s commission when they try to sell it on their own. Here are a few reasons to consider not to be a FSBO and hiring an agent. 

1. Keeping Your Emotions in Check May Be Difficult

Most sellers cannot see their homes objectively.  It means so much to therm; it’s where they created memories for years. That connection can make it difficult to remove your emotions from a sale. Real estate agents are there  as a mediator for rejections and /or negative feedback on the home. It can be extremely emotionally tolling to have your home rejected over and over. Having an agent there to negotiate price, terms, repairs, and other factors in between will offer peace of mind instead of stress and heartbreak. 

2. Selling Your Home is a Full-Time Job

Even if you don’t have another job, selling your home can consume all of your time. Ask yourself if you’re  available to meet for a showing or answer important buyer calls at any given time during the work day.  Do you have the quality experience to market your home properly?  Even if you have some free time, selling your home can be a daunting task.  This is the job of a professional real estate agent. Let them to do all of this for you, so that your home will sell without taking on the workload of another full-time job!


3. Think About the Legal issues

There are plenty of good reasons that professional real estate agents need training - legality is the most important. Legal paperwork is a major part of the home selling and buying process, and unless you are a lawyer, there is chance you may miss something in your paperwork. If you forget to disclose something, even accidentally, you could be held liable for fraud. Why risk the cost of a major lawsuit when you can hire a Realtor instead?

4. You Aren’t Really Saving Money

If you have minimal knowledge on how to negotiate the price of your home, or how to market it properly, you are probably going to have to sell your home for a considerable amount less than you planned. That loss is usually quite a bit more than the price of an real estate agent’s commission. 

Buying or selling a home could be the largest financially transaction you’ll encounter in your life. You can try it on your own, but why not work with someone who wants to help you?

When you are ready to sell your home and hire an agent to get you the best deal and peace of mind, contact me!