Vacation Security Checklist

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Vacation Security Checklist

Take the necessary steps to protect your home while you are away.

Replace any broken screens, latches, and windowpanes.

Secure the home's gates and/or sheds.

Trim your shrubbery.

Do Not hide house keys outside.

Stop mail and newspaper delivery.

Give one of your neighbors a spare key.   If needed ask them if they would mow the lawn, shovel the snow and/or park in your driveway.

Turn off irons, ice-maker, electronics, and phone ringer.

Leave automatic sprinklers on, put timers on lamps, and install motion-activated lights outside.

Leave draperies open slightly on upper floors.

Don’t announce your absence with answering machine messages or notes on the door.

Remove garage door openers and house keys from cars.

Put valuables in safe-deposit box.

Inform your local police or community property management that you'll be away.