Prepare Your Home’s Exterior For An Open House


Having an open house when your home is for sale can be very stressful for many people. However - it doesn’t have to be!  I can help you alleviate some of your open house headaches with a few simple steps to follow. Open houses are a popular way to showcase your home with potential buyers.

Mow Your Lawn

Having a nice, well-kept lawn is an easy thing to do that can increase your home’s value. First impressions are important when selling your home, and one of the first things  buyers will notice is your front lawn. Always be sure to mow your lawn the day before an open house to keep an overall fresh look. Allowing your grass to grow wild may deter buyers, and cause them to discount your home. If you can’t make time to mow the lawn before the open house think about hiring a lawn care company to do it for you .

Clean It & Clear It Away

Keep an eye on the exterior of your home every day. Make sure that your lawn is in good condition, rake leaves and clear away debris that may have blown into your lawn from a storm or windy day. Pick up tree branches that may have fallen from a recent storm and remove all weeds in the grass and garden if you want to make a good impression. Remember to always do a thorough overview of your entire exterior (front, sides and back) before your open house!

For nice curb appeal, think about adding pops of color near your front door. A small flower pot with bright flowers will leave a good impression for the potential home buyers before they enter your home. You may also consider adding a few planters near walkways.

Keep it Light

Think about updating your outdoor patio lights. They should always look new and modern even without the lights on. Or consider adding walkway lighting that adds a safety feature to the home.


Fixing Small Things

Do you need a new mailbox, or can it use a coat of paint? How about holes in your screen doors? Be sure to fix up these small items before your open house. Other areas that may be overlooked include a rust on your front door or a front light that is burnt out. These small projects can be easy to forget when trying to sell a home but may become detractors for potential buyers.

For more tips on how to make sure that everything is in tip top condition in order to get the best price for your home, contact me!