Prepare Your Home Now for a Successful Spring Sale


What sellers can do now to ensure a successful sale this spring

If you are planning to sell your home this spring, its time to start preparing for the sale now.  Your home could be ready to list in time for the early spring selling season when the market is less crowded. Here’s a list of what you can be doing now to ensure for a successful sale in spring.

1. Assess the Condition of Your Home

First, do a comprehensive walk-thru with an objective eye. Does it have a “move-in ready” look that will attract potential buyers? Is there peeling paint on your moldings and trim? Is the carpet worn and need to be replaced? Look at your house through the buyer’s eyes and determine what needs to be improved. Remember, buyers need to envision themselves living there with minimal work to do when they move in. 

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2. First Impressions - Curb Appeal

Make sure you take care of all exterior repairs and landscaping. It’s important to keep the gutters clean, lawn mowed, shrubs trimmed and driveways and walkways clear of clutter. For an inviting front porch you should maintain a polished look with nice floral accents. 

3. Remove Clutter and Get Organized

If your home need some spring cleaning, try and tackle the clutter one room at a time. Decide what should be kept or purged. Consider the  items based on when you last used it. Remove any personal items and excessive furniture & knickknacks that could distract from the room’s features, size and flow. Then continue organizing the remaining items with storage boxes, baskets and containers for closets, drawers and cabinets.

4. Make Your Home Fresh & Bright 

Are the colors on your walls and cabinets too dark? Do you have wallpaper that needs to be removed and window treatments that are dated? How is your flooring? Does it need cleaning or replacing? Simply adding a fresh coat of neutral paint will brighten up the whole room. 

5. Creating a “Wow Factor”

Once you’ve made the necessary changes and updates for a move-in ready look, the buyers still need to emotionally connect to the home. Staging your home is an investment in getting the home sold and for top dollar. Professional stagers can create the “wow” factor you need. Try strategically adding modern furniture paired with pops of colorful and inviting accents that will make a lasting impression.