8 Ways to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

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Did you know that having an energy efficient home not only helps the environment, but it also increases your home’s value? According to one study, making some low cost energy changes can boost your home’s value by up to $20,000. The following considerations can make your home more energy efficient for your family and for the future home owners.

1. Lowering water heater’s thermostat 

If your tap water, when at the highest setting is too hot to touch, you should lower the temperature by a few degrees. It’ll help your energy bill, and you will never feel the difference!

2. Check if there are air leaks around your doors and windows

Unfortunately, much of the air that you pay for to heat or cool your home tends to escape through unsealed doors and windows. You should ,think about installing or replacing old weather stripping, and replace broken storm doors and windows. 

3. Close the air vents in the rooms you don’t use

Are you heating or cooling unused guest rooms? If you are, then you are wasting energy. Close the vents and shut the doors until you need to use these rooms again.

4. Keep heat producers away from the thermostat in summer

Floor lamps, televisions, and other heat producing items can significantly raise the temperature in an area if it’s near a thermostat. If forces the air conditioner to turn on and work too hard much more often than it should. 

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5. Keep your furnace and air conditioner clean

Replace your air conditioner and furnace filters often. During heavy-use seasons, filter replacements are recommended every 30 days. By keeping these filters clean you will be increasing the efficiency and make the air in your home cleaner. 

6. Operate appliances during low-use times in the summer

Use your washer & dryer and other heat producing appliances earlier in the morning - or even late at night. By using the air-dry setting on your dishwasher you will save even more energy also.

7. Replace your old insulation

The EPA recently reported that proper ceiling insulation could reduce electric bills by up to 20 percent. A good insulation barrier will keep the heat and the  cold from penetrating your house’s exterior while providing even temperatures between the rooms.

8. Replace older appliances

If you can, it’s a good idea replace old appliances with Energy Star appliances. These are purposefully created to optimize energy consumption. If your budget limits you to replacing just one appliance, make it a new refrigerator; a new model could take off 25 percent of your electric bill.

For more information about saving energy, or getting your home ready to sell, please contact me!